LHCb : LHC CERN visit Photo 4 : Now where are those Penguins?

LHC Beauty Experiment
LHCb doesn't seem to get the same amount of press coverage as ATLAS or CMS, which is strange, because it is looking for Penguins... and there has to be a story in that!
Of course, it isn't real Penguins, but particle interactions that create so called "Penguin Loops", quantum loopholes that allow ephemeral virtual particles to be created for an extremely short time.

Find out more on the LHCb site here : 

LHCb Information Posters http://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1177862?ln=en

The DLF are currently completing their new school show LHC 3D - It's all down to Gravity! in conjunction with Durham University Physics Outreach.

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