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léon krier goes green

 As an architecture student in the 70's I followed, like many others, the work of Superstudio, Peter Eisenman, Michael Graves and the brothers Krier (Rob and Léon). But it was Léon who always managed to raise a smile and smack home his point with equal measure. The above image is from his new book "Drawing for Architecture". See article and slideshow of images here.

remembering filmschool 2004



The FilmSchool 2004 logo featured my son Martin. Still in 5th year at the time, he was technical support for the three day DLF event. He has recently started his Physics PhD at Glasgow. How time flies :-)

audi e-tron


audi e-tron


Original article on wired 

313 horsepower, 3,319 pound-feet of torque, electric sports car by audi... this will surely improve the school run :-)


Chopsticks anyone?


gluten & yeast free bread


There are many gluten free bread recipes and a few yeast free ones, but gluten & yeast free recipes that you can also make in bread maker are difficult to find… so this blog starts at the point that I finally found a workable base recipe and will hopefully chart its development and improvement over the coming weeks and months.

The method and timings used are for the Panasonic Bread Maker, but I am sure they can be adapted to other makes with a little experimentation…. and if you would like to share your findings here that would be great.

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